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HitSend Apr 17, 2022

Why does HitSend Exist?

Many have pondered the question what is the meaning of life, but that topic is much larger than we can tackle, so instead let's talk about why HitSend came into existence, the purpose it serves in today's music industry, and how it can help you as a producer, mixing, or mastering engineer.

The internet has completed shifted the way music is distributed going back to people buying music on iTunes, the rise and fall of Napster, the introduction to the streaming era, and now heading into all the possibilities of Web3 though there is still much to be decided in that arena. And while this has all happened in a span of just over 20 year, the music creation process has not moved quite as rapidly to adapt and take advantage of new and existing technologies. Some may say this is due to record labels being monolithic goliaths worried more about maintaining their strangle hold on the industry instead of being pioneers and leaders in the industry. Others argue that those involved in the production process want to hang onto their old ways with their vintage gear and mixing consoles in the name of audio purity. Whatever the case may be the fact remained in 2017 that when I (James from HitSend) was ramping up my remote audio business there was no tool on the market that provided a strong solution to replace long email chains for revisions, countless file sharing links, and juggling different payment methods, but who was going to solve the problem?

Idea turned into reality

The tipping point happened after chasing a client for 6 months to fulfill an invoice and out of spite or despair the idea for HitSend was coerced into existence, but first the question had to be answered. Were other audio engineers facing the same challenges, and could there be a tool that would solve these problems and make a positive impact on the industry as a whole? To answer this question, the next year was filled with spending every spare moment emailing, calling and messaging audio engineers spanning every continent (except Antartica) and conduction over 200 interviews asking how engineers and producers collected files, revisions and payments.

Over the course of the year it became crystal clear, there was a large hole in the industry that was not being addressed when it came to having an efficient workflow for professional audio engineers, as collecting revisions, gaining client approval, and delivering files were scattered over a multitude of platforms that were never built with audio engineers in mind.

How was HitSend created?

Now that the basis for what the framework/functionality needed to accomplish the hard work began, which was taking all the collected ideas, wants and needs and turning it into an easy to operate, workflow agnostic platform that was easy for clients to use. This began the arduous process of prototyping, coding, debugging, testing, and trying to maintain some level of sanity for the next 3 years.

A team of over 50 alpha testers and 20 beta testers spent countless hours making suggestions, finding bugs, and providing feedback on ways to improve the platform as we built the entire platform from the ground up to be tailor made to fit the needs of modern audio engineers recording, editing, producing, writing, mixing, and mastering current hit records.

How HitSend can work for you!

The end result is an optimized platform where pro engineers can send out files for revisions where clients can play back full WAV and AIFF Flawless audio quality for up to 48x better quality when compared to other popular file transfer platforms. Engineers can collect timecoded feedback to know exactly where and what their clients are referring to on each track then export the comments onto a Pro Tools, Logic, Studio One, or Cubase timeline to streamline the revision process.

Engineers can also collect payment via Stripe, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, Venmo, all major credit cards, and more with 96 currencies supported from 135+ countries around the globe using the same link directly in the player screen. Users can require a Deposit invoice to be paid before granting access to the player screen, and can leverage the integrated paywall to restrict downloads until after an Approval invoice is fulfilled so the system can be the bad guy. This also automates the file release process, where you can setup a custom deliverable package of files for clients to download with one click as soon as their payment is confirmed and the project is approved.

Throughout the whole process, you have the ability to add your own brand to invoices, emails, and a splash landing page to give your clients a professional experience while also maintaining complete control over who is allowed in the project, who can leave feedback, download files, and approve projects.

There's much more to explore and you can get started for free today, just click the button below to get started now!


James from HitSend

HitSend was created to solve everyday issues in the audio industry for sending mixes and masters for approval, collecting client feedback along with payments.

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